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eBuySugar transforms the sugar industry through its B2B e-commerce platform, simplifying trade for mills, agents, and buyers. Featuring eSale, eTender, and eAuction capabilities, it guarantees seamless, secure, and transparent transactions. Experience a revolution in sugar trading with eBuySugar.

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Revolutionizing B2B sugar trading, eBuySugar seamlessly links mills, agents, and buyers, ensuring transparency and efficiency. This secure platform eliminates inefficiencies, transcending geographical barriers while offering valuable market insights. Experience the future of sugar trading with eBuySugar, a transformative platform reshaping the dynamics of this vital global commodity market.

User Problemsimage-fluid

In the sugar trading field, inefficiencies, a dearth of transparency,and time-consuming procedures pose significant challenges. The seamless connection between sugar mills, agents, and buyers is hindered, leading to delayed transactions and missed opportunities. A critical demand exists for a digital solution that revolutionises B2B sugar trading, guaranteeing efficiency, transparency, and security in the process.


Our Process



  • - Market Understanding
  • - User Interview


  • - Competitive Analysis
  • - Business Analysis


  • - Journey Mapping
  • - Wireframing


  • - User Testing
  • - Manual Testing


  • - App Store & Play Store
  • - Post Launch Maintenance


  • - Android Development
  • - IOS Development

Project Challenges

eBuySugar project challenges include the difficulty of promoting the sugar marketplace without a dedicated trading application. The necessity of explaining sugar trading in person. The cumbersome task of maintaining handwritten reports, challenges in retrieving old account details and reports, inconvenient access from various locations. The other problems are unmanageability of in-person or phone-based interactions, the requirement for sellers to be physically present,and occasional delays due to people not arriving on time for offline interactions.

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