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Vardimart is a prominent client, specialises in supplying high-quality uniforms for various sectors, including schools, security, hospitality ,and corporate environments. With a focus on precision and style, Vardimart ensures that each uniform meets industry standards, blending functionality with a professional aesthetic. Their commitment to delivering tailored solutions is evident in the diverse range of uniforms crafted to cater to the unique needs of each sector. Vardimart’s reputation as a reliable provider stems from their dedication to quality, making them a trusted choice for institutions and businesses seeking top-notch attire solutions.

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As a renowned name in supplying uniforms across schools, security, hospitality and corporate sectors, Vardimart aims to establish a robust online platform. This initiative aims to create a seamless marketplace, connecting diverse buyers and sellers in the uniform industry. The envisioned e-commerce website and mobile application will serve as a centralised hub, facilitating efficient communication and transactions. Kodehash makes this strategic move aligns with Vardimart’s commitment to providing tailored uniform solutions, now extending the convenience of online interactions to a broader audience within various industries.

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Vardimart faces challenges in broadening its uniform supply business. They encounter limitations in reaching diverse buyers and sellers efficiently. To overcome this, Vardimart aims to create a user-friendly website and mobile app. This digital platform will enhance communication, streamline transactions, and expand their market presence, addressing current barriers and facilitating seamless interactions with stakeholders across schools, security, hospitality and corporate sectors.


Our Process



  • - Market Understanding
  • - User Interview


  • - Competitive Analysis
  • - Business Analysis


  • - Journey Mapping
  • - Wireframing


  • - User Testing
  • - Manual Testing


  • - App Store & Play Store
  • - Post Launch Maintenance


  • - Android Development
  • - IOS Development

Project Challenges

VardiMart’s project encounters challenges in catering to diverse customer needs, particularly in size customization. To address this, a unique feature is proposed: a custom section for health conscious or healthy customers. This special segment allows users to input detailed size information, ensuring tailored uniforms that meet individual requirements. However, challenges lie in seamlessly integrating this customization feature into the e-commerce platform while maintaining a user-friendly experience. Overcoming technical complexities, ensuring accurate measurements, and integrating this customization seamlessly will be pivotal. Yet, Vardimart is committed to providing a personalised service, making this project an exciting venture to enhance customer satisfaction and inclusivity in their uniform supply business.

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