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Astro Laxmi, a leading online astrology platform, acknowledges the imperative to enhance user experience. To achieve this, they’re introducing a Certified Pandit Program, streamlining the certification process for aspiring pandits. This initiative aims to bolster the platform’s credibility and reliability, ensuring users receive top-notch astrological services. Astro Laxmi’s commitment to elevating user satisfaction is underscored by this strategic move towards enhancing the expertise and authenticity of their offerings.

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Astro Laxmi envisions a user-friendly learning platform integrating module-based learning, an adaptive assessment system, and a progression mechanism. This project aims to create a seamless educational experience, fostering user engagement and knowledge retention. The inclusion of real-time monitoring and reporting features ensures efficient tracking of learners’ progress. Astro Laxmi is committed to revolutionizing their platform, providing an enriched learning environment that adapts to individual needs while offering comprehensive insights for continuous improvement.

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Astro Laxmi grapples with a disorganised certification process for pandits, leading to challenges in ensuring their quality and expertise. The lack of a streamlined monitoring system hinders efficient certification progress tracking, while also facing difficulties in managing individual efficiency. Additionally, payment issues further compound user problems, prompting the need for comprehensive solutions to enhance the certification process and overall user experience on the platform.


Our Process



  • - Market Understanding
  • - User Interview


  • - Competitive Analysis
  • - Business Analysis


  • - Journey Mapping
  • - Wireframing


  • - User Testing
  • - Manual Testing


  • - App Store & Play Store
  • - Post Launch Maintenance


  • - Android Development
  • - IOS Development

Project Challenges

Kodehash team encounters multifaceted challenges in developing Astro Laxmi’s learning platform. Crafting comprehensive course modules, assessments and video content for holistic learning experience. Ensuring a seamless progression by clearing fixed answers for each module. Implementing time delay mechanism for failed attempts. Integrating hassle-free payment gateway for courses and consultancy services. Kodehash navigates these intricacies to create a robust and user-centric learning platform that aligns with Astro Laxmi’s vision for enhancing the education and services provided to aspiring pandits.

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